Brands Urged to Make lnternal Changes That Support and Empower DE&I to Succeed

diverse business

[Editor’s Note: We spoke with Crystal Cooper Mathis, director of marketing and communications, SignatureFD, and Toni Harrison, CEO of Etched Communication, about launching DE&I communication in the midst of the re-ignition of the Black Lives Matter movement. Answers were lightly edited.]

PRNEWS: What is the first thing a company needs to do to start its journey to a more diverse and inclusive organization?

Crystal Cooper Mathis Director of Marketing and Communications SignatureFD

Crystal Cooper Mathis: Look inward. There are a lot of organizations making announcements about million-dollar donations to diversity organizations, but when you look at their teams or leadership tables, they are predominately white.

The saying be the change you want to see is tried and true for a reason...How are you broadening your hiring pool to reach qualified candidates of all races and ethnicities? How are you removing unconscious bias from interview processes? Are you paying your diverse staff adequately based on its skills? How are you creating an environment that welcomes diversity? Are you offering proper diversity training to the whole team? What about inclusion?


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