Business Communicators Must Play a Role in Elections…Again

No, you cannot sit out these next elections. There used to be a belief that businesses could, and indeed should, stay away from the campaign trail. Sure, they donate to candidates and often have lots of lobbyists. But, it was not seen as their role to try and support or strengthen the democratic process itself.

That all changed in 2020. Our communication firm, the Global Situation Room, Inc., spotted the trend early.
Ambassadors Eye Democracy
We polled 50 former American ambassadors and asked them what top global risks companies need to be prepared to take a public stand on during the year. Democracy and elections came back as the number-one issue.

At the time, I wrote about the surprising findings for Crisis Insider and National Public Radio. They generated quite a lot of debate. Many asked whether it was appropriate for the private sector to play such a prominent role in the public space.


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