Two Years After George Floyd: Plenty of Talk about DEI, Not Enough Action

[Editor's Note: It should not be the case, yet for many PR firms DEI still seems like an add-on, a box for checking or the reason for a once-yearly celebration. Similarly, as an add-on, it's constantly evading obstacles, such as budget cuts during COVID or in the wake of a possible recession. As such, we asked DEI leaders for their view. On a scale of one through five, what's DEI's grade? The results indicate much work remains.

As such, our panelists offered DEI tactics, including goal-setting, pipeline investment and periodic retreats for checking progress.

Panel members were: Lisa Garcia, partner, COO, Sachs Media, Daniela Herrera, director, recruitment operations and DEI, R/GA and Helen Shelton, global chief diversity officer, Finn Partners. Remarks were edited lightly.]

PRNEWS: We can agree that if DEI doesn’t permeate a company, its results will be uneven. So, how do you build a DEI culture and communicate it?

Daniela Herrera, director, recruitment operations and DEI, R/GA

Daniela Herrera: Before communicating [externally], you actually have to make sure that you are doing the work.

PRNEWS: Absolutely.


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