Data Shows Paid Posts Should Be Part of Your Multi-Step Social Media Effort

Those who think social media is an easy way to attract a crowd likely have never attempted to mount a digital PR campaign. As PR pros know, such efforts require several steps, including finding your audience members and deciding the platform or platforms where they live, if indeed they are social media consumers.

Then you need to determine the best time or times to speak to them on their platform of choice. You might also need to find and recruit influencers in your sector whom your audience members are following.

Next you need to craft an editorial plan for your social media effort and find the corporate bandwidth to feed the beast with timely and compelling content. In addition you should monitor what is being said about your brand and, if the circumstances warrant it, respond. Monitoring the social media tendencies of your competitors also is recommended ( PRN, Feb 22).

And after all that, you still need to boost your content, as these graphics ( below) from Michael Brito, head of social marketing, W2O Group, demonstrate.




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