The Crisis Lessons of 2021: Truth, Empathy and Promptnesss

We expected good things from 2021. Instead, it delivered large doses of frustrating virus protocols, political turmoil, mistrust, disinformation and reputation gaffes. Classic PR blunders generated headlines when leaders failed to learn from history. Here are a few cautionary tales as we look to 2022.

* A textbook response is not always enough. At least 88 people were killed and many more injured in the early hours of December 11, 2021, after tornadoes blasted through western Kentucky and southern Illinois. Among the victims were six Amazon warehouse employees in Edwardsville, Ill. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was busy with a BlueOrigin rocket launch. He finally issued a generic statement Saturday evening. Earlier, Amazon issued a textbook statement that fell far short on the empathy scale.  ‘Thoughts and prayers’ statements are expected, but stakeholders need to hear genuine compassion and specifics about how the company will help.


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