Cosmetics Dominate Pre-Holiday Social Engagement on Instagram, and a Tree Grows in NY

Rockefeller Tree

There’s little doubt about the main subject of pre-holiday consumer engagement on Instagram for the period Sept 1, 2020, through Nov. 15, 2020, according to Shareablee data supplied exclusively to PRNEWS (bottom chart). Despite a troubled economy and uncertainty surrounding travel and festive gatherings during the 2020 holiday season, demand to look one’s best endures, whether it’s on Zoom or in person. We’ve never seen such domination; seven of the top 10 brands produce cosmetics and the remaining three firmly are rooted in beauty. On the other hand, how many times do you need to hear someone tell you 2020 was an unusual year?

Some things don’t change. Perennial social media powerhouse MAC Cosmetics dominates. It also took the top spot on a similar chart for Twitter, says Madison Busick of Shareablee. Interestingly, it’s not the most-efficient Instagram play. That honor belongs to Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics, which averaged 164,000 consumer engagements per post.

In both charts, consumer engagement is listed under Actions. For Instagram and Facebook, actions is equal to the sum of reactions, shares and comments.

‘A Post lovely as a tree’

Looking at the upper chart, for Facebook during the same period, the leader is Rockefeller Center, with just three posts and the smallest audience of the top 10. We’re pretty certain we’ve never seen that combination either.

The story behind Rockefeller Center sitting atop the Facebook chart stems (no pun intended) from a photo post about its holiday tree. Social went wild, judging the tree scrawny, making it highly appropriate for 2020. Rockefeller Center leaned into the joke, posting in response that the tree would look better, eventually, with lights and trimming. It does.

Happy Holidays!