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Eight Questions PR Pros Should Ask to Uncover News in any Sector

December 6th, 2019 by

Not every PR project or new client is glamorous. On the other hand, PR pros exist to generate coverage, among their many other duties. Here is a series of 8 questions that will help communicators unearth news and interesting story material in any sector. You should ask them of your executives twice monthly. At least.

Perfect Pitching Practices From 2018’s Media Relations Conference

December 5th, 2019 by

Brevity, timeliness, prepared spokespersons and trusted media contacts were a few of the tactics panelists touted at a panel session on media pitching during last year’s PR News Media Relations Summit in Washington, D.C. This year’s summit features an interactive pitching workshop on 12/12 and a pitching panel on 12/13. 

Goodwill’s Influencer Program is a Model for Nonprofit Media Relations

November 20th, 2019 by

Ahead of her session on day two of our 2019 Media Relations Conference (Dec. 12-13 in Washington, DC), we caught up with Lauren Lawson-Zilai of Goodwill. She discuss how it scaled its influencer program to empower local community nonprofits to recruit influencers, setting a model for how other small nonprofits can activate influencers and brand ambassadors in the process.

What’s Getting in the Way of Solid Digital Media Relations?

November 12th, 2019 by

While some communicators have the benefit of focusing solely on social, the majority of us must take a marcomm approach for our organizations, merging public relations with social media management. For those of you tasked with media relations on top of social, I’ve got a major grievance with the online media relations world to air: the current state of pitching is infuriating. Online communicators need to break the cycle of bad pitching practices and start giving media relations the strategic attention it deserves.

PR Lessons from G/O Media’s Fallout with Deadspin Staff

November 7th, 2019 by

We’re guessing the sudden and untimely death of Deadspin (no pun intended) as a purveyor of no-holds-barred sports and social commentary will provide a case study for business students in what not to do with a successful endeavor. This post, from PR pro Dave Dykes and PRNEWS staffer Nicole Schuman, argues that the incident also offers a bevy of PR lessons.

Three Ways to Make Competitor News Work for Your Company

November 6th, 2019 by

Most companies remain silent when a competitor makes news. An unorthodox approach is to seize the moment to get your company’s views and executives into the conversation. Just as important is to make sure your customers are aware that you have their best interests in mind at a time of unsettling industry news.

Apple’s Housing Crisis Initiative is Social Good With Substance

November 5th, 2019 by

On November 4th, Apple announced a massive initiative intended to combat the housing crisis in California. The $2.5 billion plan not only marks a larger investment than Google’s previously announced $1 billion effort to combat the California housing crisis, but goes into much greater detail than Google’s initiative around how, exactly, those funds will be allocated. Apple’s ownership of its role in contributing to—and remedying—this crisis offers lessons for brands hoping to take on a social good program with substance.

How to Build Constructive Relationships With Journalists You Want to Pitch

November 1st, 2019 by

It’s not a secret that inboxes are forever overflowing, and journalists’ inboxes are no exception. Breaking through with your pitch to a journalist is a first step to getting coverage. As a prelude to our Dec. 12-13 Media Relations Conference in Washington, DC, we spoke with Laura Brusca, VP, corporate communications, Forbes, about pitching tips she’s learned by working with Forbes journalists.

PR Lessons From Facebook’s New Policies to Combat Disinformation

October 23rd, 2019 by

It’s been an tumultuous week in Menlo Park, California. Facebook once again dominated the news cycle with a widely-maligned public speech from Mark Zuckerberg. Next was a series of new policies intended to curb hostile foreign governments from once again weaponizing the social network to influence our 2020 elections. For communicators, this saga has proved to be many things—a lens into the distrust that engulfs marketing communications, a lesson on the power of self-regulation, and a reminder of what transparency does (and doesn’t) look like in action.

Why a Strong Influencer Agreement is Crucial to Media Relations Success

October 17th, 2019 by

Lauren Lawson-Zilai, Sr. director of PR at Goodwill and Lina Renzina, head of talent partnerships at Ad Council, will discuss why an influencer agreement is key to harnessing your influencers’ reach toward a robust media relations strategy at PRNEWS’ Media Relations Conference, December 12-13 in Washington, D.C. Ahead of their session, let’s look at several things that a thorough influencer agreement must include.