AI Augments Humans with PR Measurement, but it’s no Silver Bullet

May 1st, 2019 by

What can AI do for communications measurement? Plenty, is the short answer. The larger question, of course, is whether or not AI will replace humans or augment them. Edelman Intelligence’s global measurement lead Pauline Draper-Watts weighs in on this important discussion.

Platinum Honorees, Social Shake-Up Speakers See Speed, Authenticity, Analytics as Future Keys

May 1st, 2019 by

Our regular roundtable feature includes honorees from the 2018 PRNEWS Platinum PR awards and speakers from The Social Shake-Up. Among the questions we put to them: What qualities does a successful communicator need? With the onslaught of technology, how can brands ensure customers have a human experience? And what social media trends are you eager to learn more about during the Social Shake-Up?

Diverse Sources May Help Bolster Media Revenue

April 30th, 2019 by

Diversity is both good to do and good for business. That concept should apply to media in its use of sources. Unfortunately, data show media sourcing in western media favoring men 3 to 1 over women. Preliminary findings indicate media with a more representative source base may reap financial and other benefits. PR pros can help media by curating and promoting a diverse source base.

How Communicators Can Think Small and Make Big Changes

April 19th, 2019 by

Go big or go home does’t necessarily apply to innovation, says Scott Steinberg, author and business consultant. Armed with knowledge about their customers, communicators can advocate for brands to make small, tactical changes to products and services that can yield significant results. Steinberg discussed his ideas about thinking small to go big during PRNEWS’ Measurement Conference in Washington, DC.

How to Measure Relevance, Influence and Media Coverage

April 19th, 2019 by

One of the most difficult pieces for public relations professionals to measure is the return on investment of earned media and relevance. How much is the CEO’s picture worth on the cover of Wall Street Journal? Did that influencer wearing a brand’s jeans increase mentions on social? Is it about sales or leads or growing community? Or is it about sentiment and reputation? What goals should an organization shoot for?

Struggling to Prove ROI to the C-Suite? Do These 4 Things

April 15th, 2019 by

There’s no question that measuring the value of PR is one of a communicator’s biggest challenges. Whether you’re charged with handling your brand’s media relations, social media campaigns or both, a pointed question from the C-suite lingers: “How does this tie to our bottom line?” At the Measurement Conference later this week, experts will explain how to get senior leaders to see the value of your PR efforts. Here are some tips to get you started.

Why Impressions Don’t Make Your ROI Impressive

April 11th, 2019 by

As the boundary between marketing and PR continues to blur, two surveys provide perspective into building a sound media relations strategy. They also remind us that marketing and PR must not be operating with siloed measurement strategies. Ahead of PRNEWS’ Measurement Conference, April 17-18 in D.C., these surveys emphasize that correctly measuring influencer ROI and communicating up are greatly unrealized opportunities for PR and marketing to be on the same page.

AI, Data Integration, Smart Tools: Eight PR Pros Eye Measurement’s Future

April 10th, 2019 by

As we look to next week’s PRNEWS Measurement Conference in Washington, DC, we asked several scheduled speakers to prognosticate about PR measurement’s future. Up ahead, they said, is more data integration and testing of well-established ideas. In addition, tools will be smarter and (thank goodness) easier to use, which will encourage the use of measurement for decision-making.

How to Make the C-Suite Understand the Value of PR

April 8th, 2019 by

It’s an unfortunate reality that some C-suite executives are either unaware or unconvinced of how communications and PR are providing value to their business, which can lead to slashed budgets and high turnover rates. Proving PR’s worth to the C-suite is one of the most hotly anticipated sessions at PRNEWS’ upcoming Measurement Conference April 17-18 in Washington, D.C. Here are six steps you can take to show PR’s value in a way that your company’s leadership will understand.

It’s About Relationships: Measurement Conference Keynoter Scott Steinberg on the Future of PR

April 1st, 2019 by

What’s next for PR? Why not ask a futurist! Scott Steinberg is regarded as one of the world’s most celebrated business speakers, futurists, authors and strategic innovation consultants, as seen in 600+ outlets from CNN to Time and The Wall Street Journal. Here’s a sneak peek at his keynote for PRNews’ upcoming Measurement Conference.