4 Simple Ways to Boost the Performance of Your Business Content

Content creators strive for the day a piece of work goes viral. And unfortunately there’s no platform or tool or magic spell that can make this happen. The best PR pros can do is to research their audience and provide quality work that resonates and appeals with the consumer of the content.

However, there are some best practices to boost the performance—so you can increase reach toward the desired groups.

Get Creative

Posting a press release on your website is just not going to do it in this day and age. People are inundated with content. Standing out from the crowd can be a real puzzle, but it doesn’t have to be. The best content gives readers/viewers/listeners something they can learn from and use. And when those consumers click with that content, they are sure to pass it along to others who can also benefit.

Content like infographics, annual state-of surveys, white papers all give something worthwhile to a reader that they can take and reference in alternative content. Videos and podcasts currently are some of the most consumed media by business professionals. Try a LinkedIn Live or Instagram Story. It may take more time to create, but consumers will acknowledge and appreciate when they are spending more time with the content. 

Do Not Forget SEO

It sounds simple. SEO is a term communicators throw around almost as easily as business cards. But do you really know how it works or what it means? Are your headlines optimized and websites back linked? Utilizing a central keyword correctly? Every written piece should be checked to include search engine optimization practices. 

Not sure how to proceed? Content sites like WordPress have easy plugins such as Yoast and SEOPress to help you decide on the correct keywords, metadata and headline phrases to optimize your piece before you hit publish. And if you are really lost and not sure where to start, there are a plethora of free courses to learn SEO basics. Websites like LinkedIn, Moz and Lynda offer classes you can take at your own pace. 

Employee Advocacy

The best influencers for your brand are just around the cubicle—your employees! They know you have a website and social media, but do they know about the awesome content you're creating? 

Employees value transparency, and feel a greater part of the team when the company shares learnings and successes they can be a part of. Whether you are at a smaller firm, or a global corporation, there are tools to deliver the type of content to employees that they can share and be proud of. Platforms like Bambu, Everyone Social and Commandpost can easily upload and allow employees to share content on their social platforms. And don’t forget to spruce up the good old intranet, and internal newsletters and newsrooms for staff to easily peruse and promote. 

Social Media Partnerships

A company is not an island. It strives to be the best, but doesn’t have to sit alone at the top. Social media can assist in creating content partnerships, allotting for greater impressions, reach and increasing the audience pool. Look to vendors or relevant non-profit partners to swap content with and share on each others' social media channels. Sharing is caring. 

If you prefer a more formal practice, write up a contract with an agreement including number of posts, types of content and platforms to share on. Host live or taped video events or podcasts and bring on experts who can boost your content through their followers. And always, always, always tag those you mention or refer to in your shared content.