Top Women in PR: Erin Millerschin

Erin Millerschin, President, The Millerschin Group

WABCO, a leading global supplier of technologies and control systems for the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles, relied on Erin and her team to provide media relations support during the Mid-American Trucking Show to benchmark its activities and coverage against three key competitors. The media campaign's goal was to build on the awareness and familiarity of WABCO in North America following similar campaigns in 2012, 2013 and 2014, as well as other North American public relations activities, further contributing to the company's continued ability to outperform the market. For the fourth year in a row Erin provided leadership and guidance to her team in helping meet and exceed WABCO's goals, and was a key contributor during planning meetings with the client. The press briefing was attended by 45 journalists, including 13 of the top 14 targeted North American publications.