Top Women in PR: Robin McMillan

Robin McMillan, Senior Vice President, Showtime Networks

Robin organizes everything for The Critics Association events, which happen twice a year in Los Angeles. She plans out which panels to put in front of the press, the best panelists, travel, budget and cocktail parties. She also handles all the releases and organizes the video content and giveaways. Robin also leads a lot of the conversations with the creator, showrunner and executive producer of Penny Dreadful, John Logan (who is an Oscar winner and very particular). She helps facilitate and smooth over any issues and applauds the great work of her team. She oversaw the entire launch campaign and strategies behind this genre series and helped get the message out there about the series. On top of all this, Robin is the key liaison with Bell Media, which is Showtime's international partner for programming. This year the network launched the Showtime brand in Canada, which is a huge priority for the company. She handles all the press relations between parties, communicating about series, announcements, premieres and events.