Top Women in PR: Amy Lyons

Amy Lyons, President, SHIFT Communications 

Amy is an unsung hero in the PR industry. Amy upholds her company's values across numerous business decisions, always ensuring the best possible outcome for clients and staff. Throughout the changes brought on by evolving the agency in “mid-flight,” Amy kept a firm hand on the wheel, and SHIFT is projecting one of its best years ever.

As President of SHIFT Communications, Amy is the major driver behind the agency’s rapid evolution. Blending PR, social, creative and marketing technology into award-winning campaigns for clients, Amy steered the ship to focus heavily on its data-driven PR model, with a fundamental belief that data can bring brands and audiences together in a meaningful and impactful way. Directly managing both the marketing technology and creative arms of the firm, Amy was behind the implementation of the agency’s Marketing Technology Immersion Program, which offers intensive training to guide the staff on how to deliver these kinds of solutions for their clients and embeds this expertise into the account services teams. By emphasizing the integration of services grounded in data, SHIFT is emerging as an industry leader, and Amy has been championing this effort since the beginning.