Top Women in PR: Marisa Long

Marisa Long, Director of Communications & Public Relations, U.S. Green Building Council 

Marisa has led a distinguished career in public relations spanning the public, private and non-profit sectors. Marisa began her career as a media specialist for her alma mater, Ohio University, before moving on to Quinn and Co. Public Relations in New York City, where she quickly moved up the ranks, ending her five years with the company as a Vice President. Marisa, who now leads the U.S. Green Building Council’s communications department, is currently one of the most influential non-profit public relations professionals in Washington, D.C., and one of the leading voices in the quarter-trillion dollar green building industry.

Marisa oversaw the preparation of a comprehensive national study on the economic impact of the green building industry, and devised a national media plan for promoting its findings. The report (launched in September) generated media coverage in media outlets as diverse as The Guardian, Mother Jones, Environmental Leader, CNN Money, MarketWatch and MLive. Marisa also completed 29 interviews for a Satellite Media Tour announcing the report’s findings, demonstrating her skills as an organizational spokeswoman as well as her ability to deliver impressive results for U.S Green Building Council.