Top Women in PR: Janice V. Kapner

Janice V. Kapner, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, T-Mobile 

Janice is one of the few people who can keep up with the wireless industry’s boldest CEO, John Legere, while leading a dynamic team of nearly 40 people at T-Mobile. Like her revolutionary CEO, Janice takes aim at the competition and puts customers’ needs above all others. Pushing the envelope to create and win every news cycle with a mix of traditional and non-traditional tactics, she helps shape T-Mobile’s narrative and keeps the storytelling fresh with every industry-shaking move. Previously, Janice led dynamic high-profile campaigns at Microsoft, supporting familiar names like Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

As the first program of its kind from a national carrier, Data Stash allowed customers to tap into their un-used, paid-for data, holding it all in a personal stash for up to a year. Knowing this move would cause a major industry shift, Janice worked with the business to launch before any other wireless provider could. Squarely placing T-Mobile as the consumer’s advocate and claiming credit for giving them what they had already paid for, Janice pushed her team to carry the narrative as far and wide as possible. Launching in the heart of the holiday season, the campaign captured a greater share of voice in the wireless space and became a key differentiator during the critical buying season. Launching with an exclusive webcast interview between David Pogue and John Legere, the campaign carried for weeks to include customer events across the country, and finally to the Super Bowl where Data Stash was front and center with spokespersons Kim Kardashian and Rob Riggle.