Top Women in PR: Erin Johnson

Erin Johnson, Chief Communications Officer, J. Walter Thompson Company 

Through 150 years of pioneering firsts, the J. Walter Thompson story is a remarkable one, and Erin has been one of J. Walter Thompson’s most compelling characters. A mother, wife and J. Walter Thompson’s Chief Communications Officer, she has managed her responsibility to identify, shape and narrate the company’s many important stories with an unrivaled level of passion and dedication.

In 2005, J. Walter Thompson rebranded to JWT. In 2015, after spending the previous year reviving the proudest moments of the company’s 150 years of heritage, it decided it was time to return to its roots. The company not only rebranded, but also launched an umbrella company, J. Walter Thompson Company, that housed J. Walter Thompson Worldwide and its newly launched digital sister agency Mirum. Erin oversaw the development of the new messaging, voice and vision for J. Walter Thompson Company, ensuring that the executive committee, from the Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, to the CEO, to the Chief Talent Officer, was aligned with how the messaging was to be injected across disciplines. Erin united everyone, from IT to the creative department to the PR Council she oversees, to ensure that despite all the changes happening at J. Walter Thompson, the messaging remained clear, cohesive and true to the brand identities and communications she had so carefully crafted.