Top Women in PR: R. Christine Hershey

R. Christine Hershey, Founder, Hershey Cause Communications

The Eisner Foundation (TEF), founded by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, needed help launching its new intergenerational grant program, which reflected a broader shift in the foundation’s strategy. TEF was evolving its efforts to focus on programs that united different generations to improve outcomes for everyone involved. To help TEF make a smooth transition into a previously undefined space in the philanthropy sector, Hershey directed the design refresh of the foundation’s visual identity and a full website redesign, plus the development of a new mission, vision and message points. She also led the development of a communications plan and robust media outreach effort for the foundation, while also engaging stakeholders to see the leadership potential of TEF in intergenerational grant-giving. Because of Hershey's involvement, The Chronicle of Philanthropy wrote a front-page story about TEF’s evolution, and the foundation has received numerous grant applications from nonprofits that fit their specific criteria, awarding nearly $1 million to effective organizations across the country.

Cause Clarity is the latest phase of a series of resources Hershey has created over the last 20 years, inspired by repeated feedback from nonprofit organizations that desperately need communications tools but don’t have the resources to pay for them. As a problem-solver known for her creativity and compassion, Hershey and her team created quick and easy tools that could be accessed online by anyone around the world. Cause Clarity is an online resource that offers free, three-minute videos on 15 topics ranging from “How to Get Better Media Coverage for Your Cause” to “How to Evaluate Your Brand.” Each video is accompanied by a downloadable worksheet that users can fill out for their own organization, helping move them closer to achieving their communications goals. Chris led the process of raising funds for the project, choosing the topics, building the website and distributing the videos across various platforms including social media and through nonprofit training courses. has been accessed by thousands of users around the world.