Top Women in PR: Huma Gruaz

Huma Gruaz, President/CEO, Alpaytac

Huma Gruaz, founder, president and CEO of Alpaytac, has achieved continued success and revenue growth since the company’s founding in 2004 thanks to her creativity, strategic vision and commitment to excellence. Despite facing a challenging economy, Huma launched her business as a single mother, earning her MBA from Kellogg.

Gruaz leads with an open-door policy, thriving on the opportunity to mentor and support her team, and frequently travels between the agency’s four offices to make herself more accessible. Gruaz knows the value of her agency’s work is tied to the talented members of her team. She created an environment without hierarchical barriers to foster creativity and enable everyone to contribute to brainstorming sessions. She led her agency growth into 16 industries, representing major international brands, and building a full digital practice within Alpaytac, thus bringing her business to the forefront of the industry.