Top Women in PR: Heather Fitzsimmons

Heather Fitzsimmons, Principal, Mindshare PR

Introduced in March 2013, Docker is an open source engine that enables any application and its dependencies to be encapsulated as a lightweight container. Once that container is created, the container will run consistently, without delay or overhead, in almost any Linux environment: bare metal, virtualized, public cloud or private cloud. Most recently, the company announced its collaboration with Red Hat to provide OpenShift developers simpler, more secure, lightweight and portable environments for applications.

Heather began working with Docker founder and CTO Solomon Hykes at dotCloud prior to the formation of Docker. She launched the company, establishing media and analyst contacts globally, worked closely with Hykes and others to position the company and develop its key messages, and took it through its initial product launch. She coordinated its first user conference, DockerCon, and has done others since in the U.S. and in Europe. She guided the company through a $95 million funding round in April 2015 and continues to work closely with the founder and other top executives as its rise to prominence in the enterprise continues.