Top Women in PR: Samantha DiGennaro

Samantha DiGennaro, CEO, DiGennaro Communications

Sam and her team were tasked with elevating music marketing agency, Jingle Punks’ visibility in the brand and marketing world by transitioning their public perception as a producer of music for reality television, to a multifaceted award-winning partner for both creative agencies and major brands alike. Samantha led and oversaw the ongoing strategic direction of the account team amd created a steady drumbeat of industry coverage in trade outlets like Adweek to leverage for major business and broadcast coverage. Subsequent coverage included a feature segment on CBS This Morning: Saturday showcasing the company, calling them “Kings of the Jingle,” a Frequent Flier column from the CEO’s perspective in the New York Times, and coverage in Bloomberg Businessweek and Fast Company. The coverage has directly resulted in a significant uptick in new business for Jingle Punks from major brands.