Top Women in PR: Whitney Christopher

Whitney Christopher, Communicatons Director, Dwell Media

Whitney Christopher single-handedly handles all press outreach and communication for Dwell Media, an independent architecture and design publication with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. With her inexhaustible energy, creativity and dedication, Whitney spearheads countless campaigns throughout the year, seamlessly bridging all of the company’s platforms, which include print, digital, products and live events. As the communications director of an independent media company, Whitney does not have bottomless resources or even a staff to assist her. Working gracefully under pressure, connecting goals and strategies among disparate departments on two coasts, and doing so with unwavering positivity and intelligence is no easy feat. Yet Whitney proves again and again that she is more than a team player—she is a leader.

Dwell produces two conferences per year, called Dwell on Design. These events are intended for both trade and consumers, and the larger of the two—Dwell on Design Los Angeles—welcomes over 30,000 engaged design seekers each June. Whitney led a national press campaign focused on 350 top-tier media members, garnering press in more than 150 domestic and international publications, resulting in a combined circulation of over 500 million impressions. She also conceived of and produces #ModernMonday, a weekly conversation centered around design and architecture that happens on social media. The goal of the program was to increase Dwell's presence in the digital landscape and provide increased awareness for the company’s partners. Wildly successful, #ModernMonday garners more than 80 million timeline impressions per chat.