Top Women in PR: Allison Braley

Allison Braley, Vice President of Marketing & Communication, Zoosk

Allison has managed Zoosk’s communications and marketing departments and reached the brand’s goals of increasing earned media placements, blog traffic, and social media engagement and audience. Additionally, she played a role in lowering subscriber acquisition cost, bringing the company to profitability while eliminating ineffective marketing spending. Allison managed a team of more than 20 employees, including global advertising, branding, public relations, content, community management and social media. As a senior level stakeholder, she also spearheaded external and internal communications strategy for major company changes in 2014, including the founders’ departure and the promotion of the new CEO.

Allison’s phenomenal performance in 2014 was the result of a number of initiatives designed and executed by her and a number of departments. To develop new brand messaging that would be utilized company-wide, Allison and her team conducted focus groups and quantitative research. This initiative helped to craft Zoosk’s first re-branded ad campaign in more than two years, “First Comes Like,” leading to a feature article in The New York Times, among other coverage. The “First Comes Like” campaign also increased Zoosk’s Net Promoter Score by 20%, with singles more likely to rate Zoosk higher on attributes including effectiveness, safety and cost. In addition, singles were 4% more likely to be familiar with Zoosk after the campaign.