2015 Top Places to Work in PR: Ruder Finn

Ruder Finn’s employees are true boundary-pushers, always seeking to stretch their abilities and fast track their careers. Its “challenge culture” encourages people to explore projects that push them out of their comfort zone, be adventurous and disrupt the status quo to reach their full potential.

Ruder Finn encourages all employees to regularly connect with their managers on their interests, strengths, areas for improvement and goals to ensure they are progressing on their desired path and pushing boundaries to contribute to their highest level possible.

The agency fosters an open, flat culture where everyone is given the opportunity to participate, speak up and have their ideas and opinions valued, respected and considered. Employees are encouraged to reach across teams, practices and regions to seek and share new ideas and trends, creating a global community for all Ruder Finn employees.

Ruder Finn encourages boundless creativity, innovation and imagination when approaching new challenges, providing employees with cutting-edge technologies to experiment with and discover how they are transforming their industry and impacting agency work.

Ruder Finn also believes in physical fitness and relaxation and therefore offers corporate discounts on gym memberships, sponsors a company softball team and hosts the in-office manicure service Manicube weekly to encourage employees to take 15 minutes to relax and get a manicure. Every Thursday, the company rolls out a Snack Cart, encouraging everyone to take a break, stop by to grab a healthy snack and mingle with their colleagues. Ruder Finn also regularly treats employees with frequent happy hours and company-wide gatherings, in addition to annual summer and holiday parties.

Ruder Finn also offers performance-based spot bonuses for employees that go above and beyond, as well as a new business incentive program, which provides financial bonuses to employees at any level who assist in bringing in and securing a new client.