2015 PR People Awards: Public Affairs Professional of the Year

Winner: John Guilfoil, Owner/Principal, John Guilfoil Public Relations (JGPR)

John Guilfoil has proven to the police and fire departments of New England that his services are of value. In just one year, he’s grown his business exponentially and hired two employees to assist with building and maintaining a strong reputation for his clients in their communities.

Guilfoil’s company, JGPR, uses creativity and innovation in its novel approach of brand building by placing a corporate style emphasis on traditionally monochrome police and fire communications efforts.

True excellence in management skills can be seen during a breaking news or crisis situation, as Guilfoil is able to successfully manage his police and fire clients, while writing press releases, calling media outlets, staging press conferences and updating his company’s website, jgpr.net, along with his client’s online presence to ensure information is ready and available to all.

During a breaking news situation, JGPR works with police departments to respond to the situation immediately. Information is relayed through Facebook, Twitter and the client’s website, if possible. Media calls are directed to JGPR, freeing up the dispatch lines, responding officers and the chief to focus on the issue at hand, while still giving the media and the public information they need.

Police departments, who are continuously questioned for their lack of transparency, are now seen as readily putting out information, often times before it is requested. Guilfoil always tells his clients, regardless of the issue, that it’s important to provide all the information related to a crisis immediately. In most cases, this takes what could be a multi-day story and turns it into a one-day piece. By following this procedure, police departments are able to not only solidify their reputation with the community, but grow their relationship with residents.

Honorable Mentions: N/A