2015 Top Places to Work in PR: Pfizer

Pfizer Corporate Affairs is the division responsible for the strategic direction and execution of Pfizer’s enterprise communications, media relations, government relations, corporate responsibility programs and communications, reputation management, and global public affairs activities.

As to the climate for growth opportunities at Pfizer, it can definitely be characterized as “robust”—especially for a Fortune 100 company. Every colleague in Corporate Affairs has the opportunity to grow through promotions and lateral moves, as well as through special projects. Growth opportunities extend not only to other functions inside Corporate Affairs, but also to Pfizer’s scientific and business operations in dozens of nations.

Conversely, and given the importance of advocacy in the healthcare arena, Pfizer Corporate Affairs is seen as an attractive addition for those on the track to senior management. Every open position in the company is posted on a user-friendly intranet site. Colleagues are encouraged by management to pursue opportunities for growth inside the organization. Career growth is seen as a joint responsibility between colleague and manager. Each colleague is expected to create an individualized development plan for annual and longer-term career growth.

Pfizer’s culture can be described as “collaborative” and “accountable.” Pfizer deals with high-stakes issues involving the world’s most feared diseases. It also thinks and acts long-term, as the development of a new therapy can take 15 years and $2 billion.

In the past five years, Pfizer has largely rebuilt its culture, forging one where colleagues marry expertise and innovation, dare to try new approaches, deliver on commitments, invest in “straight talk” about problems, and put integrity and trust above all. One tenet of Pfizer’s developing culture—summarized as “No Jerks—Let’s Discuss Behaviors”—acknowledges that one toxic person can spoil the working environment for dozens of others and that “jerk-like” behavior at any level needs to discussed and changed.

Pfizer’s annual employee survey shows that colleagues generally enjoy working at Pfizer, expect to stay there, and would recommend Pfizer as a great place to work.