2015 Top Places to Work in PR: Peppercomm

As if the culture at Peppercomm wasn’t enough, the benefits offered extend far beyond traditional health insurance and 401 (k) contributions. The firm offers flexible work policies including the opportunity to work from home; an extra Friday off per month in the summer; a day off in your birthday month; vacation pay at three, five and 10 years of employment; extra days off at Christmas; time off for volunteering; and the ability to work remotely.

Peppercomm also offers ongoing employee training and career development to employees in all departments and at all levels. They provide employees with job training and orientation suited to each job. They truly believe in investing in employees and their career paths. As a result, they offer a myriad of classes and courses in what is called Peppercomm State University.

Each quarter, Peppercomm State University strives to host a variety of workshops and classes. Workshops primarily educate employees on core skills and tactics used across all disciplines, while classes generally involve more intense skills training such as management techniques and writing skills. These interactive sessions are taught by a member of Peppercomm’s senior management or other outside specialists and often require participation that relies on presentation skills, thereby ensuring that both professors and students hone these skills.

Peppercomm's management is also well represented by both male and female members and its environment is absolutely conducive to the growth of women in the workplace. One employee noted that the company culture at Peppercomm “is unlike anything that I have experienced. I often refer to my co-workers as my #workfamily. Creating an environment in which people actually look forward to coming into work every day is a responsibility that Peppercomm takes quite seriously.”