2015 PR People Hall of Fame: Bob Pearson

Bob Pearson, President & Chief Innovation Officer, W2O Group

Dell is now widely recognized as a leading example of how corporations should be using social media, and they have Bob Pearson to thank for that. Before he joined W2O Group as President and Chief Innovation Officer, Pearson and his team at Dell built and maintained 25 blogs, forums and wikis in seven languages that now see more than 200 million page views from around the world. Pearson’s nearly 25-year career has spanned three Fortune 500 companies and a major communications firm. Over the years, Pearson developed a unique blend of marketing, social media and communications skills that have turned him into one of the foremost voices in the industry through numerous blog posts and speaking engagements. His thinking has also been presented in a number of books and case studies on how businesses should use social media, not to mention his own book, Pre-Commerce: How Companies and Customers are Transforming Business Together, which is an essential read for anyone looking to understand the world of online commerce.