2015 Top Places to Work in PR: Hotwire Public Relations

Over the years, Hotwire has grown into an experienced, creative and truly international team. It values transparency and measurement and strives for total integration across its campaigns. Hotwire’s approach centers on identifying ways to grow its clients into opportunities in their markets, helping to meet communications objectives and achieve business outcomes.

The entire Hotwire team works like a family for shared success. Team members enjoy working together and spending time together and both the San Francisco and New York teams enjoy regular social outings. When asked to describe their culture recently by a client, a member of the team offered the following: “We take our work and our clients but not ourselves, seriously.”

The company works very hard to instill a sense of one team working for a common, shared purpose and this sense of empowerment and support permeates across every level and team.

Career progression is extremely important to everyone at Hotwire, and it aims to deliver carefully tailored and effective training, which includes formal training, online tutorials, independent learning and on-the-job learning. The training plan for each year will be developed based on the specific training needs of the team and will be communicated in a timely way.

Hotwire offers team members a comprehensive in-house training program through the “Hotwire Academy.” As part of the academy courses, all team members receive regular training on PR-related skills from experts within Hotwire’s team, both in person and also remotely via video conference.

Hotwire also runs a number of courses with external trainers. The Hotwire flagship course, developed with an external training body, is a fundamental part of Hotwire’s career development program and involves a two-day intensive session, usually conducted at Hotwire’s HQ in London, England. This gives US team members the opportunity to work with peers from a wide range of locations to combine a variety of experiences and insights to build a common objective. Feedback is always unanimously positive following this program.