2015 Top Places to Work in PR: Hellerman Baretz Communications

Growth opportunities at HBC are, simply put, highly available. HBC has grown rapidly over its decade of existence, catering to the niche market of professional service providers, including some of the world’s most prominent law firms.

HBC remains, however, lean by both philosophy and necessity. With fewer than twenty employees, HBC does not have the bodies to create layers of personnel, and prefers it that way. Instead, it is a pure meritocracy in which team members advance as quickly as they demonstrate the ability to handle additional responsibility.

One staffer, Jessica Klein, graduated from the University of Delaware in May of 2014. She joined HBC as a Junior Account Executive and, by December of 2014, had been promoted to Account Executive. She now assists in the day-to-day account responsibilities for one of the largest global law firms, which has made the growth of its U.S. presence a major priority. To give just one example, Jessica directed and executed the strategy for the announcement of five major attorney hires at the firm over a six-week period, a campaign that resulted in extensive coverage in the legal and business press. Jessica’s experience is not atypical.

HBC offers several benefits that go beyond the ordinary, and reflect the agency’s concern for its employees both inside and outside the office. HBC offers a professional development budget for its employees, allowing them to participate in conferences, professional training, and other activities aimed at enhancing their skills. This is a major benefit that allows each HBC staffer to shape his or her own professional education.

Beyond that, HBC offers a personal technology budget for all employees, as well as substantial assistance with parking passes and cell phones, making it more affordable to work both at the office and remotely. HBC also actively encourages healthy lifestyles outside the office through, for instance, a benefit that covers a portion of gym membership expenses. The agency has also been creative in this regard by previously giving all team members FitBit bracelets, and operating a monthly competition that awarded $100 to the team member who took the most steps.