2015 PR People Awards: Financial Communications Professional of the Year

Winner: Jerry Dubrowski, Senior Vice President of CFO Group at Bank of America

Jerry Dubrowski, Senior Vice President of CFO Group at Bank of America (BofA), has been instrumental in communicating how the company has changed and has strengthened the bank’s relationship with the media, investors and customers.

Dubrowski’s role is focused on making a complex company and global economy easier to understand for a variety of diverse audiences. By refining BofA’s strategy and approach to quarterly earnings and leading the development of BofA’s annual reports, Dubrowski has proven he can simplify the most complex issues and concepts and provide stakeholders with clear and honest insight about BofA’s financial performance.

As the financial communications leader, Dubrowski reaches many audiences including reporters, consumers, customers, shareholders, and employees. Therefore, his ability to understand the complex industry is critical in delivering the most relevant and easy to understand story to these key audiences.

Dubrowski’s success can be seen in each of his team members. While he directly leads a small team of 5, he is a leader amongst a team of 300 strong communications experts and is sought out regularly for advice.

Bank of America has transformed itself the past several years, and Dubrowski has been in the forefront of sharing and shaping that narrative with the media. Thanks in large part to his untiring efforts over many quarters, it has been reported widely and consistently that the bank has transitioned from a product- to a consumer-focused company that is simplified after having divested or exited more than $70 billion of non-core businesses and assets; that it has resolved significant legacy issues; that it has achieved $8 billion in annualized costs savings; that it has distributed $9 billion of capital through common share repurchases and dividends; and that it is growing in its core businesses with a strengthened balance sheet and record levels of capital and liquidity.

Honorable Mention:

•             Ryan Barr, Burson-Martseller