2015 Top Places to Work in PR: Exponent Public Relations

Exponent has an extremely open and approachable environment that encourages direct communication between staff at all levels at the agency.

With the exception of its HR Director, every single employee—from interns to the CEO—works in an open space with no doors, which fosters collaboration and creativity. In fact, it’s commonplace to see entry-level employees chatting with senior leadership on a regular basis. Employees are encouraged to work across departments and ask questions or seek out interests they may have.

To ensure that Exponent’s culture stays open and positive, an agency-wide survey is conducted each year to gather information on a variety of topics, including professional satisfaction, morale, ideas for change, etc. An independent consultant compiles and presents results to the agency, and also meets with the executive team to promote action steps based on said results.

Bi-monthly “Monday Morning Meet Ups” gather the entire agency community together to share news, introduce new hires, and provide inspiration and examples of recent great work.

On top of traditional benefits, Exponent also offers incentives that foster the agency’s “work hard, play hard” culture. During the summer, the agency offers free weekly fitness classes to employees, varying from yoga and Pilates, to Zumba and beyond. A private wellness room is available with yoga mats, free weights and other items. The room is used for subsidized, private shiatsu massages twice a week, as well as a calming space for meditation and relaxation. Walking treadmills are available to employees anytime of the day, as mobile meetings are encouraged.

Exponent encourages environmentally friendly commuting through its convenient downtown Minneapolis location, which provides easy access to public transportation, discounted bus passes, on-site showers, a well-stocked bike shop and a casual dress code allowing employees to bike/walk/run to work.

Outside of the office, employees are encouraged to explore the outdoors, and are provided with complimentary state park passes. Additionally, the agency’s Wellness Fund supports employees’ active lifestyles by offering an annual stipend to fund a fitness-related activity, be it a yoga class, 5k, charity walk, ski pass, bike race, etc.