2015 Top Places to Work in PR: Eastwick

Eastwick has created a company culture that is culture by design. The leadership team believes that employees come first, so employees have been empowered to create a grassroots culture that’s uniquely Eastwick – curious, pragmatic, obsessed, quirky and driven.

Eastwick emphasizes and encourage these attributes among the employees by taking part in a variety of activities. These allow personalities to blossom and bonds to be formed. Eastwick recently held a “Spirit Week,” which included theme days such as pajama day, college day, decade day and sport day. The agency also holds an annual employee of the month award ceremony called the “Quirkies” that acknowledges the person who is best exemplifying its attributes.

Eastwick believes that learning and professional development is a core part of keeping a positive work environment and employees satisfied. The company has woven training and coaching into its DNA, including the recent introduction of a new program called “Eastwick Education,” with 4 tracks – equip, expand, empower, and energize – tailored to professional development and keeping staff up-to-date on the skills they need, as well as fueling professional aspirations.

The “equip” track provides productivity and tools training; “expand” covers communications skills training; “empower” provides management and leadership training and “energize” introduces life and wellness sessions to help employees live a balanced life.

In early 2015, Eastwick launched a program called “One Write Thing” aimed at creating and fostering great writers. Eastwick believes that everyone can develop the skills needed to become great writers and through this program employees will be setting goals and growing professionally. The agency meets once a month to learn new and essential writing tips and give updates on their goals.

Eastwick truly believes that its employees are the backbone of the business. To that end, after four years at Eastwick, full-time employees are eligible for a sabbatical. This includes four weeks of paid time off with the option to extend to six weeks from the inclusion of personal time off.