2015 Top Places to Work in PR: DoSomething.org

In many ways, the nonprofit DoSomething.org is all about communication. Aimed at a younger audience, the organization's goal is to reach young people and get them to get out and take action in support of social change. With such a target audience, the nonprofit’s PR team has to be uniquely agile and the work culture reflects that. Every six months employees rotate desks and communicators might wind up sitting next to a developer, account manager or someone in the business department. With PR pros working alongside such diverse colleagues, they’re sure to pick up new tricks to put to use in their work. The benefits of keeping employees on their toes shines through in the results the nonprofit sees from its campaigns. In 2015, the nonprofit took home a PR News CSR Award for their work with retailer H&M on a recycling program. The fact that it convinced teenagers to think about recycling old clothes is proof enough of the prowess of DoSomething.org’s communicators.