2015 Top Places to Work in PR: Davies

Davies continues to grow and innovate by fashioning and continuously refining a distinctive workplace culture - a culture where individual skills and achievement are developed and rewarded. The firm's growth in recent years is a direct result of the depth and breadth of the Davies team, and the focus on their development into experts in their fields.

All Davies staff is treated as a partner in that they are empowered to improve company culture and productivity. All team members are rewarded for the firm's achievements and their individual contribution in a manner usually reserved for senior staff only. Everyone has skin in the game - from the clerk to the CEO.

Executive Vice President Taylor Canfield started 15 years ago as assistant to the CEO; the Chief Operations Officer Caitlin Bidwell started 8 years ago as the receptionist. In a very short amount of time, a number of entry-level team members now manage their own teams.

Davies management aims to maximize potential, and all staff are encouraged to expand their field of knowledge and to further educate themselves. Davies has an open policy of sponsoring staff educational ambitions as long as their focus intersects work-based tasks.

Davies offices are comfortable, state-of-the-art work environments in terms of layout, equipment, and culture. Cubicles have been removed and all offices are set-up with an open plan in order to foster collaboration. While quiet workspaces have been provided, a "great room" was created with casual spaces to work and brainstorm as well as a large flat-screen monitor with wireless display capabilities.

The flexible workspace gives people the opportunity and space to talk face-to-face in a relaxed environment – increasing overall productivity. At the same time, people have their own spaces to break away when focus is needed. The culture is professional but fun. There is often music playing in the office, people engrossed in conversation in the lounge, and news and sports being followed on the large monitor in the main area.