2015 Top Places to Work in PR: Coyne

Year after year, Coyne’s employees have described its culture as creative and fun! Coyne take on brainstorms in a collaborative and open way, looking to find the "wow" ideas for clients. Coyne recently ran an all-day creativity session for its senior leaders to teach innovative techniques, which included tips about bravery, playfulness, freshness and tapping into the imagination of their inner child.

At Coyne, they also let off steam with fun events such as an annual tailgate party, holiday celebrations and off-site trips for local happy hours and shopping sprees.

The Coyne Cohort program pairs all new hires with a more seasoned employee who is a few levels above their current job title. It is this mentor's responsibility to acclimate the new employee to Coyne’s culture, show them the ropes, help train them and coach them along the way so they can exceed performance expectations and get promoted. Many new hires are on the "fast track" and get promoted within one year.

Additionally, Coyne has a very high intern conversion ratio. Since 2014, it has hired 15 former interns as full-time permanent employees. The intern program is another example of Coyne’s belief in mentoring—because Coyne takes the time to teach them during their internship, they learn its business and are well-groomed for hire upon graduation.

There are also ample career growth opportunities at Coyne. In the spring of 2014, for example, Coyne promoted four tenured Vice Presidents to Senior Vice Presidents, which added depth of knowledge to the Executive Leadership Team.

Furthermore, between 2014 and 2015, Coyne promoted more than 50 employees across the agency, with this group accounting for more than 30 percent of its population. This impressive statistic has served as a motivation tool and is clearly reflected in Coyne’s extremely low turnover statistics.