2015 Top Places to Work in PR: Cohn & Wolfe

Cohn & Wolfe empowers and encourages employees to innovate by proving they are valued as an integral part of a world-class team. Goals are clear, challenging and designed to develop knowledgeable, imaginative leaders dedicated to helping everyone succeed.

In 2014, Cohn augmented its performance review system to include Personal Brand Plans, where employees outline their own positioning statement, elevator speech, gap analysis and goals based off key performance feedback from supervisors and peers. The Personal Brand Plans, paired with a 360-degree peer review form, fully integrates new skills with performance appraisals, giving staff a truly seamless, closed loop experience. Employees are encouraged to jump into any project they’re interested in to stay true to their own personal career goals.

In addition to traditional benefits, such as health, dental and vision insurance, Cohn & Wolfe’s benefits program encompasses a plethora of other unique areas. It offers adoption assistance, to support employees as they go through the at-times daunting adoption process. When their children start going to school, employees can use its Education Incentive Program, setting aside up to $40K to save for education costs, with Cohn & Wolfe matching up to 17% of payroll contributions to this program.

For employees’ four-legged family members, Cohn & Wolfe offers pet insurance and, to ensure that the whole family is well protected, offers auto, homeowner and renters insurance. It also has an extensive discounts program, ranging from savings on new computer hardware to discounted tickets to sports and cultural events. Since summer vacation shouldn’t be limited to bygone school days, in the US, Cohn offers four complimentary Fridays off so employees are able to enjoy the sunny days of summer.

Within the agency, professional training and development programs are hosted to keep staff sharp on the latest communications skills and upcoming trends. For over ten years, Cohn & Wolfe has never had a month without a training or development course, all of which are open to every employee level and span various topics.