2015 Top Places to Work in PR: Borshoff

Borshoff encourages ongoing professional development at all levels. In 2014 alone, it hosted 35 professional development sessions for its employees. These not only improve client service, but also ensure that employees feel challenged to continually grow in their profession.

Each month, Borshoff sends out a professional development newsletter called Borshoff University. This gives employees a variety of professional development opportunities across the agency. Borshoff uses quarterly meetings and annual reviews to provide encouragement and direction. Borshoff’s skills grid clearly states the core skills required of each level on its PR career ladder, and it promotes employees once they demonstrate the skills of the next level – rather than when they have an opening.

Employees are encouraged to take concerns to their supervisors or principals – whichever makes them most comfortable given their situation. At company-wide staff meetings, the principals and team leaders present quarterly scorecards showing progress on key financial indicators and key agency initiatives; questions are encouraged.

Borshoff also offers a half-day boot camp at the 90-day mark when new employees have “gotten their feet wet” and are ready to delve more deeply into the company history, culture, business practices, career paths and more. A principal always co-leads this interactive session.

While Borshoff may not offer childcare, it think it has something better: a “Bring your Baby to Work” program, which allows employees to bring their 6-week to 6-month-old babies to the office.

Its Peer Support Buddy system matches each new employee with a seasoned colleague to help them learn the ropes during their first year. These mentors are close to the same level as the new employee, offering a different and perhaps more relaxed support than one’s supervisor.

Borshoff also offer peer groups, giving its professionals the opportunity to openly discuss challenges or opportunities with those at a similar experience level. Those peer groups are facilitated by senior leadership members who help guide the conversation and answer questions.