2015 Top Places to Work in PR: Bhava Communications

Integrity. Quality. Creativity. Sustainability. Those are the four founding principles of Bhava’s culture and business mission. Last year Bhava added a fifth “honorary” principle: Joy. That’s because, at Bhava, happiness is just as important as anything else; core to the vision for founding Bhava was to create the type of agency and work environment where people would be HAPPY to come to work every day.

Bhava is intentionally designed as an open and transparent company both philosophically and physically. At Bhava HQ, you’ll regularly catch employees wheeling chairs over to each other’s desks, catching one another on chat or gathering in the kitchen or on the big outdoor porch.

All team members, from interns to the CEO, work side by side in the same open workspace that encourages direct communication between all employees. Bhavans enthusiastically help one another on projects and are very open about both challenges and successes.

Each Bhava employee’s path to advancement is uniquely tailored to complement that person’s distinct ambitions, natural talents and skillset. Employee development initiatives include both formal and informal 1:1 mentoring and customized setting of goals and achievement plans.

Promotions within the company are made entirely based on merit. Drive, talent, actively seeking out ways to learn and improve, and personal initiative are rewarded—ambitious employees quickly rise through the ranks. In just one example, a Bhavan was promoted twice within seven months for consistently executing high quality work and meeting achievement objectives.

Bhavans at all levels are encouraged to have control over their own career path by requesting specific projects or initiatives that they feel will advance their careers. For example, members of Bhava’s content team get to dig into every type of content based on their interests and diverse backgrounds. They are free to explore web design, eBook drafting, infographic creation, contributed article drafting or marketing analytics—just to name a few. Managers and mentors also suggest specific opportunities that suit an employee’s skillset and experience, and employees are strongly supported and encouraged when taking on new responsibilities.