2015 Top Places to Work in PR: ADP, LLC

At ADP, the primary focus of marketing, corporate communications, and PR is on storytelling.  And, as a company that believes people are any organization’s greatest asset, ADP strives to maintain flexible practices to allow for individual accommodation in today’s busy world.

Within its Corporate Communications Department, many associates are considered “homeshored” and can therefore work almost every day from home offices, using technologies provided to them by the company. The shared goal is focused on getting the work done, not on where the work gets done. For those associates who come into the office on a daily basis, working from home or remotely as needed is both simple and efficient.

Employees can stay connected and collaborate via the communication channels of email and telephone, as well as a robust, multi-functional instant messaging platform that facilitates group interaction, real-time document sharing and more. Given ADP’s focus on providing the best possible environment for its employees, ADP has experienced a very low voluntary turnover rate. A large number of current associates have been with the company for 10, 20 or even 30 years and more.

Beyond the office, ADP encourages its employees to become involved in volunteer activities and contribute to their communities. While volunteerism is not mandatory for ADP associates, it is certainly ingrained as a prominent part of the company’s culture. ADP is committed to social responsibility; as a result, the company has instituted the Volunteer Paid Time-Off Program to offer associates the opportunity to give back to their communities during work hours. ADP also sponsors a number of regularly occurring volunteer events, such as its annual walk with the American Heart Association.

Another key ingredient to the Corporate Communications Department’s success is the freedom its associates are granted at ADP. The atmosphere is “no-fear” and associates are consistently encouraged to move out of established comfort zones to develop more effective communication.