2015 Digital PR Awards: Microsite/ Custom Site

Winner: Ruder Finn - Citi Fitness Challenge

Ruder Finn worked with Citi’s Health and Wellness Team to develop a global Citi Fitness program, which motivated employees to be more active in their everyday lives and take control of their health. Citi employees signed up for the four-week fitness challenge to track their physical activity and work toward completing their weekly customizable goals. When a participant achieved their goal, Citi donated money to one of three charities selected by the participant during registration.

2014 marked the third consecutive year that Ruder Finn partnered with Citi to bring the annual Challenge to the global Citi community, engaging almost 20,000 internal employees. Ruder Finn designed and built a website that featured a personal dashboard where users could enter in their physical activity and track their progress in relation to their workout goals.

Each user’s dashboard displayed a visual representation of their progress using a dynamic tracking wheel, graphs and numbers. Participants were also able to track donations to the three charities. In addition to the website, Ruder Finn created Android and iOS mobile applications so that users could log activity on-the-go and sync with their personalized dashboard.

Ruder Finn also designed posters and banner ads to raise awareness about the campaign, and sent HTML emails to keep employees engaged during the four-week period. Participants who logged activity more than three times per week received a “Keep up the Good Work!” email, while participants who logged activity 0-2 times per week received a motivational email.

In only five weeks, 18,110 employees in 100 countries had signed up, and just under 10,000 downloads of the mobile apps were recorded from the iTunes and Google Play stores. 748,315,755 activity points were logged, and as a result, Citi donated $50,000 between three charities.

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