2015 Digital PR Awards: Listening Campaign

Co-Winner: Hudson Integrated Web Agency - MOVE Bumpers: From Local Business to Nationwide Bumper Distributor and Pizza Hut Launches Gluten-Free Pizza.

MOVE Bumpers is a truck and SUV bumper retailer who came to Hudson to garner leads for their custom bumper creation and installation services. They didn’t have a huge marketing budget so Hudson knew it was important to quickly pinpoint their audience.

However, while researching MOVE’s audience, it was clear that DIY bumper kits had a large, untapped market. By locating MOVE’s audience through Facebook listening and market segmentation, Hudson was able to restructure their strategy and increase overall revenue. As a result of Hudson’s efforts, MOVE’s sales are currently at an all-time high.

Hudson decided to focus its digital marketing efforts primarily on Facebook content and running targeted Facebook ad campaigns. In terms of that social media presence, thanks to the campaign, MOVE went from 23 positive Facebook reviews to almost 100, and unlike paid advertising, there is no equivalent for Facebook user reviews. Undoubtedly, the increased exposure and newly-engaged online presence helped MOVE garner real, positive user reviews – crucial for future sales and brand reputation. And Hudson was able to grow MOVE’s fan-base exponentially – from 3.5k fans to almost 50k fans – in less than a year.

Once MOVE’s Facebook following increased, orders followed. Less than three months after modifying MOVE’s Facebook marketing efforts, DIY Kit sales tripled and remain MOVE’s top seller. Until June 22, 2015 customers could not place orders online, and MOVE’s owners were inundated with calls and emails from across the nation. Upon Hudson’s recommendation, MOVE agreed that eCommerce integration would help lessen the time and effort spent taking orders, plus cater to what their customers want. Hudson subsequently built the eCommerce site and promoted it on Facebook through ads.

Co-Winner: Pizza Hut Launches Gluten-Free Pizza

For the last several years, gluten-free has been a hot topic. Whether someone is just trying a new way to get a better beach body or they have a severe intolerance or reaction to gluten, it seems that everyone in America has tried something gluten-free.

Due to the increase in the discussion around gluten, Pizza Hut customers began reaching out to the brand looking for it to add a great-tasting gluten-free option to their menu. With one major distinction: they wanted to make sure that it would truly meet their dietary guidelines. So, Pizza Hut set off on a listening campaign to really understand what these customers needed, where they’re going now to meet these needs, why they continue to struggle to find what they want, and what questions they have when new companies enter the market.

The strategy for this was—listen, listen, and listen some more. Based on the information gathered from the social listening campaign to better understand the gluten-free customer, Pizza Hut launched the Gluten-Free pizza in partnership with Udi’s and GIG. To celebrate the launch of the product, Pizza Hut invited established leaders and advocates from the gluten-free community to try the pizza first hand at the corporate headquarters test kitchen. They met with Pizza Hut’s executive chef, registered dietitian, Udi’s team members as well as a representative from GIG so they could ask all of the tough questions about the process for making the gluten-free pizza in pizza restaurants and what precautions are taken to ensure no cross-contamination. These influencers then took to the digital world to share their experiences, drive trial and host giveaways.

On launch day, Pizza Hut, Udi’s and GIG held a collective Twitter Party to ensure complete transparency about the Gluten-Free Pizza and its processes. The hashtag #PizzaHutUdis trended throughout the hour-long Twitter Party with hundreds of questions coming in and all three companies responding in real time to the community’s questions, praises and concerns.

After just one week of launching the gluten-free pizza, Pizza Hut received 473 million earned media impressions, 158 million social media impressions, and a 94% Positive Sentiment on #UdisPizzaHut.

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