2015 Digital PR Awards: Intranet

Winner: COTY Inc. - The House

The House, inspired by a designer’s house, is an internal intranet designed for employees to utilize with responsive content that makes them feel connected to the culture of COTY, part of the larger corporate community, and appreciated in their roles within the organization.

It also allows them to easily find information of utility regarding their benefits, corporate policies, and company events. Designed to embody a social platform, The House of COTY becomes a cultural portal that lives and breathes the essence of COTY. It is a place for employees to witness the creativity happening within the company, a place for them to connect with COTY’s leadership, but also to inspire each other. The House content is divided into different pages that include Features, Our People, Brand Updates, and Announcements.

For the launch, in December 2014, COTY created a monthly column featuring one leader and one employee in a fun and informal way, connecting them to employees, and highlighting its culture of creativity. These are called the Spotlight on Leadership and Spotlight on Culture, respectively. Executives and employees are picked from different functions of the organization and different parts of the world; the end result is a brief introduction and 20 questions and answers ranging from their favorite COTY fragrance to their rule of thumb for meetings and one golden piece of advice.

In the Building Bridges series, foreign teams are introduced to each other and the gap between locations is bridged. There is also a dedicated section for corporate announcements to keep employees apprised of changes in organizational structure and updates on COTY’s business efforts.

Employees are invited to “heart” the content they like best and COTY continues to see its spotlight on culture and leadership is consistently the top-rated content each month.

The most recent data ranging from July 5-11, 2015 include 6,028 total visits to The House homepage and an average of over 4 minutes spent on site (4.26 minutes).

Honorable Mentions:

·           Allstate Insurance Company - Employee Community: Bringing a New Platform to Allstate West Central 

·           PayPal with MSLGROUP - PayPal First Amplifies PayPal’s “Be the Customer” Challenge

·           Pepco Holdings, Inc. - Intranet Redesign