2014 PR News Agency Elite Awards: Publicity

Winner: Henson Consulting - Crystal Light Liquid, Words with Friends

Henson Consulting was challenged to connect its client, Crystal Light powder drink mix, with the fabulously popular iPhone game Words with Friends through an NYC-based event campaign that used the popularity of the engaging virtual crossword game with the drink mix favored by consumers for its vivacious and fun branding. They quickly found what the two had in common and decreed “Crystal Light Liquid is all about adding easy, guilt-free pleasure to your day, so teaming up with Words With friends is a perfect fit.” For the event, Henson recommended and executed one of the world’s largest-ever games of Words with Friends, powered by gaming provider Zynga and live-streamed at the Manhattan event. The game allowed users around the world to join in using their smartphones, achieving the ultimate level of consumer connectedness.

A VIP kick-off party hosted by platinum recording artist Jordin Sparks focused its guest list on NYC writers, reporters and bloggers that are, so to speak, “known for words.” Casting Sparks as the event host attracted entertainment press who were already geared towards Crystal Light’s brand, and Henson recommended Sparks to also kick off the nationwide game by playing the first Word. The event reached not only fans of Sparks and readers and viewers of media outlets, but anyone engaging in any of the 55 million games of Words with Friends taking place around the world.

Widespread media coverage of the event reached over 377 million media impressions and included placements in People, The New York Daily News, Entertainment Tonight and The Daily Meal. With Crystal Light and Words with Friends, Henson Consulting showed the signature commitment and savvy decision making that makes them one of the best in the business.

Honorable Mention:

  • Rock Orange - Thalia