Annual Reports: Not Sexy, But Crucial

Even before the rise of digital communications and social media platforms, writing annual reports was considered a dull, but necessary part of public relations. Now, amidst the constant tweets, postings and sharing of online information, crafting an annual report may seem the definition of drudgery. But the fleeting rush of a major influencer or prospective client responding to a “DM” via Twitter may not be nearly as important for your brand or organization as a kick-ass annual report.

Of course, with the digital tools available to PR and marketing execs, writing and distributing annual reports has become a far different exercise these days. Perhaps most important, annual reports must be written for multiple channels, and material must be sliced and diced accordingly. The hard copy, for example, should dive deep into the brand’s accomplishments and offer a detailed road map for the future.

But you need to tailor the report’s content into shorter, snackable bites for the Web, social channels and even other print vehicles (e.g. direct mail). Below are several other tips to generate the most buzz from your annual reports. PRN