Incoming PRSA Chair Pushes Non-Stop Learning, Urges PR to Use Truth to Combat Disinformation

Recently elected as PRSA national chair for 2021, Michelle Olson runs the Scottsdale, AZ, office of Fingerpaint, the NY-based PR firm. A veteran PRSA member, she’s been director of the group’s western district since 2017. A 30-year PR veteran, Olson, a corporate communications specialist, is known for her work in healthcare, land use, hospitality and sustainability. We asked her what skills PR pros seek from organizations such as PRSA. In addition, we discussed measurement in PR and goals for her tenure. Her edited responses are below.

PRNEWS:What are PRSA members telling you they need to do their jobs better? How will you, as PRSA’s top elected official, move the organization to respond?

Michelle OlsonIncoming ChairPRSA

MICHELLE OLSON: PRSA includes young and experienced PR pros, people like me, with more than 30 years under our belts, yet still growing. Senior professionals say they’re looking for more learning, networking, and ways to give back to the profession they love. Expanding PRSA’s certification program might be a good place to start.

Similarly, offering more master classes at district and national levels.


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