9 Instagram Dos and Don’ts from National Geographic

natgeowildMore than 75 million people check their Instagram accounts everyday, and more than 40 percent of them are between the ages of 16-24. As Instagram's numbers have grown, so, too, has the presence of brands looking to connect with consumers on the photo-sharing platform. Appreciating the value of Instagram's user base is easy. Creating an account that is authentic, relevant and engaging—that's a little harder.

Whether you're just getting started on Instagram or fine-tuning your approach to the platform, take a look at some quick dos and dont's for using Instagram, courtesy of Kristin Montalbano, director of digital communications for National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo WILD.


  • Do include a bio with a link to more info
  • Do post content that is unique to Instagram
  • Do use hashtags—strategically and sparingly; two to three is plenty, any more starts to feel spammy
  • Do link your account to other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to expand reach
  • Do use captions to provide context to your content
  • Do highlight user-generated photos that embody the spirit of your brand


  • Don't add logos to your photos
  • Don't repost photos without giving photo credit
  • Don't use Instagram to repost ads

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