8 Best Practices for PR Management of the Top 3 Social Platforms

Your Twitter followers are most engaged during business hours. And dinner time, too. But if you want to get more people to “like” your Facebook page, it’s best to post content at night, when Facebook users really dive into the social site. And when you do post all-important images on social channels make sure that the text is not cutting off your smile.

As social channels move closer to the core of PR and marketing, communicators are fast learning what makes each of the various social platforms tick.

Each of the social channels caters to different ways of communicating, of course, such as Twitter, for short bursts of content in 140 characters or less and Pinterest, where you can post for pictures and beautiful images as part of your communications strategy. But there are plenty of tools in the PR playbook that apply across the board.

Chris Vary, executive VP of digital innovation at Weber Shandwick, tackled how PR pros can use three of the main social channels more effectively during a presentation last week at PR News’ Big 3 Conference (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook).  The presentation, titled “The Big Picture on The Big Three,” included the following tips for using the three channels for PR and communications:

Social Platform Keys:

  • If your business is boring, don’t pretend to be fun.
  • You are who you say you are online.
  • Be mobile-first.
  • Track high-performing brands.
  • Embrace the paid syndication of social.
  • Have a rep on your side.
  • Have a plan for social channel issues.
  • We all learn from each other.

What do you think we should add to the list?

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