5 New Technologies to Spice Up Your PR Mix

As a senior communications strategist working in retail technology, I have a front seat to new technologies and I’ve seen first-hand how they have shaped and are changing the way in which we communicate with one another.

Public relations and marketing professionals need to consider multiple platforms and vehicles for channeling their messages.


Today’s media landscape is all about what’s happening now, and why do I care? Opinions and conversations are shared freely online, often before the official news breaks.

With ever-advancing social platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, virtually anyone with an Internet connection and a keypad can contribute to the conversation.

The advent of digital media has made it almost mandatory for communicators to be fluent in the language of social media.


We now live in a mobile, hyper-connected world where nearly every business professional and influencer owns or has access to a laptop, mobile phone and tablet filled with apps that enable us to work faster and smarter than ever before.

These apps and advances in mobile technology have turned the once glued-to-a-desk communications consultant into a mobile, always-connected PR pro who is on-the-go.

 Traditional elements of business and communications have changed and improved thanks to technology.

Today, we have the ability to geo-target our audiences, reaching exactly who we want, directly and easily.

What’s more, breakthroughs in e-commerce and mobile technology enable consumers to make mobile purchases and use payment systems through their devices in-store, completely changing the retail space.


Many communicators and businesses do not leverage technology to its fullest. After all, there is only so much time in a day to explore the latest and greatest in tech.

Yet harnessing the power of technology allows it to help us with our job, rather than overwhelm us.

It gives us access to more information, through an increasing number of mediums, extending our productivity reach well beyond what was previously possible.

Here are five new technologies and mobile apps to consider adding tomorrow to your PR and marketing mix:

1. GroupMe: Free, private group-based messaging. GroupMe, for examle, is a multi-platform messaging app that works on all mobile devices enabling team members to communicate with people throughout the world.

The app has the functionality to coordinate groups with colleagues for private, work-related discussions, making communication easy, especially for businesses with locations nationally or worldwide.

2. Streamboard: Real-time Twitter news on iOs.Streamboard is a new iOS app that sends Twitter updates in real-time. Keywords, hashtags and conversations can be searched and tracked while prioritizing by location, language, influence and linked content.

This app can be particularly useful during an event or announcement requiring real-time monitoring, listening and response.

3. Here on Biz: Meet LinkedIn contacts in real life. Here on Biz is a mobile app designed for business networking. It identifies the most valuable and relevant professionals and sends mobile alerts when they’re nearby.

4. Brewster: Personalized address book. Take Brewster, which synchronizes and organizes all contacts, bringing them all into to one central location. The app has the functionality to search for contacts by name, location or similar interest.

5. UberConference: A completely new approach to conference calling, UberConference eliminates the process of finding and typing in dial-in numbers and PIN codes and brings visual dimension to conference calling.

Participants can easily dial into the conference number and will be automatically authenticated based on their phone number, allowing them to see the names, photos, and other information of the conference call participants. PRN


Christopher Bennett is the director of corporate communications and government relations at Best Buy Canada. He can be reached at bennett.partners@me.com.