2013 PR People to Watch: Tiffany Koebel

Tiffany Koebel, Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Department of Labor

Tiffany Koebel, who has been on the Office of Public Affairs career staff since July 2010, continues to focus exclusively on enhancing the Labor department’s social media efforts. These efforts include producing content for the department’s “Work in Progress” blog; Facebook pages for both the department and the secretary of labor; Twitter accounts for the department and the secretary, a YouTube channel and a Flickr account. Whew.

During this time the department’s social accounts, particularly Twitter and Facebook, have seen tremendous growth and a high level of engagement. Koebel also has brought a new dimension to the Labor Department’s public and internal communications by creating an award-winning internal electronic newsletter, titled OPANAS (“Office of Public Affairs News and Stuff”).