2013 Platinum PR Awards: Online Press Room/Media Center

Winner: Prudential Financial - Prudential Newsroom

In the past two years, Prudential has made significant strides in transforming its online newsroom into a go-to resource for the media and the public-at-large.

With the goal of becoming an even more valuable media resource, Prudential sought to increase the newsroom website traffic by enhancing the quality and quantity of content, especially in the Thought Leader series; adapt the newsroom for the mobile space and grow social media presence; and drive awareness of the company among financial services journalists and engage on key issues in which Prudential can provide strong expertise.

The team developed a range of content for the site, which has promoted higher engagement and increased the number of visitors to the online newsroom. This content includes featured stories, opinion pieces, a mobile application and social media presence.

The initiative was a smashing success: Prudential’s online newsroom experienced a 33% increase in the number of visitors—from 150,500 in 2011 to 200,500 in 2012. Unique visitors increased by 25% from 112,000 in 2011 to almost 140,000 in 2012. Featured stories traffic increased from 47,099 hits in 2011 to 64,150 hits in 2012. The newsroom’s Twitter Handle (@PrudentialNews) launched in mid-2012 and grew to almost 600 followers within the first six months and currently boasts more than 1,000 followers.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Allrecipes.com - Allrecipes Press Site
  • Genzyme - Genzyme Online Newsroom
  • HBO Latin America - HBO Latin America's press room offers exclusive content for journalists
  • Merck & Co. - Merck Online Newsroom
  • Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau - Virginia Beach's Online Pressroom Redesign
  • Weber Shandwick - Verizon Wireless News Center: Dynamic Content Through Disciplined Storytelling