2013 Platinum PR Awards: Internal Publication

Winner: DIAGEO LAC – Our Passion

How do you get 3,500 plus employees spread across many countries in the vast region of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to feel as though they're part of a community? How do you build a sense of cohesion and team spirit? For DIAGEO LAC, the answer was Our Passion—a regular online employee newsletter published in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our Passion was devised with the task of helping bind together DIAGEO employees across LAC in 44 countries. Its mission is to not only to inform all LAC employees but also to engage people and energize the many teams—from sales and marketing to finance, supply, procurement, HR and many more.

Our Passion is published via email every month and sent to approximately 3,000 employees around the region plus many agencies and partners, along with key global executives. The readership base was recently expanded to include DIAGEO distributors in more than 30 countries across the region in order to share brand projects and successful stories with these important partners. Our Passion includes images, stories, news and updates as well as interactive features such as links to videos that are all created by DIAGEO employees. Employees and partners take great pride in seeing their programs heralded to colleagues in other countries.

DIAGEO LAC has implemented a sophisticated method of readership tracking and feedback that has shown that Our Passion fulfills a vital role within the company and has proven to lead to increased employee engagement and increased sales. In recent years, DIAGEO LAC has brought readership up from a pitiful 42% to over 90% in some markets.

Honorable Mentions:

  • City of Sandy Springs - Year in Review
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation – Fire Control Focus Online Employee Newsletter
  • Ohio University – Compass
  • Prudential Financial – Keeping employees informed during Superstorm Sandy